Sean Rainforth - Geography


I have been teaching geography for almost ten years and have a wealth of experience in leadership, management and curriculum development. My affable and personable nature has generated many positive working, professional relationships with the people I have been fortunate enough to work with and this is something I am keen to develop further in my role as SLE.


I began teaching geography at Monk’s Walk School in Welwyn Garden City in 2009 and moved on to become head of department for four years, where I was responsible for the growth, development and popularity of the subject across the school. I have experience of overseeing the implementation of new lessons, resources, schemes of work and assessment practices with the new linear A Level, revised GCSE specifications and ‘Life after Levels’ at Key Stage 3. I have developed effective strategies for leading and managing a team of professionals to help deliver this. 


I moved to the Priory School in 2017 as a lead practitioner where I have been responsible for delivering numerous CPD training sessions to staff, observing lessons and providing feedback as well as creating resources to support those students who have been removed from lessons. I am currently in the process of developing links with local primary schools to support the provision of geography in Key Stage 1 and 2.


My areas of pedagogical interest involve encouraging students to be more independent learners and how we as staff can facilitate this within, and outside, the classroom. I am particularly keen to look at the role of homework and how this can facilitate learning as well as the use of differentiation to enable the progress of all students in their learning. I am a strong believer in unity within the workplace and some of the most effective tools at our disposal are those around us. Therefore I am a keen advocate of sharing best practice in order to develop our own teaching practice further.