Katharine Rowe - Behaviour Management


I have been a Pastoral Leader at Hitchin Girls' School for five years.  I am currently the Lead on Behaviour and Attendance and work closely with all the Year Heads, providing coaching-based support to enable them to identify solutions to reach positive outcomes.  I have set up effective systems for overseeing Behaviour and Attendance at all levels in school.  My ‘Effective Pastoral Leadership’ CPD sessions have proved popular and have enabled colleagues who attended to acquire pastoral leadership positions. I have developed robust reporting systems which have facilitated systematic analysis of Behaviour and Attendance data across the whole school and allow the  relevant steps to be taken to support students.  I set up a system of rewards which parallels our Behaviour system in terms of the hierarchy of points gained, and plays a key part in our popular Celebration Assemblies.


I have been Head of Classics at Hitchin Girls' School for 14 years.  During this time I have worked successfully to maintain the profile of Latin, Ancient Greek, Classical  Civilisation and Ancient History within the school.  I have achieved this with a track record of excellent results and a range of extra-curricular activities, including our annual Classics Play and popular trips to Italy and Greece.  I am committed to the expansion of Classical subjects in schools and have mentored ITT students from the Universities of Cambridge and Buckingham for many years.  Recently I have begun to support teachers in local schools who have moved from another subject specialism to teach Latin.