Jill Borcherds - Maths


I am currently Teacher of Maths and Lead Practitioner at Marriotts School in Stevenage having been Head of Maths at The Barclay School  and previously worked at Nobel, also in Stevenage, and Stanborough in Welwyn Garden City.


 I have taught Maths for 23 years having previously worked in Retail Management for Sainsbury's. I have extensive experience of marking GCSE Maths and I was a Principal Examiner for Pearson for 7 years.  In 2016, I took part in the DfE and NCETM England China exchange, visiting Shanghai and then hosting the series of "Shanghai Maths in Stevenage" events that took place at Nobel when the Chinese teachers made their return visit.  I have led the development of a mastery  curriculum for Key Stage 3  using the collaborative planning and same day intervention strategies seen in Shanghai. 


 At Key Stage 4 I strive to ensure that students are effective independent learners and have led on the use of many successful intervention strategies. 


 I am determined that we should have high expectations for the achievement of every student, whatever their prior attainment and have developed the effective use of mixed attainment groupings.  I have made good use of the increased detail of data available for Key Stage 2 tests to ensure smooth and successful transition from Year 6 into Year 7.