Hayley Tanner - English


I have been an English teacher for 19 years, Head of English at Hitchin Boys’ School for 14.


As a teacher I have always been motivated and driven by the need to improve and advance the experience and outcomes of not only the students but also the teachers in my care.


My department is currently leading in the development of school marking and feedback strategies effective in a life without levels and improving the quality of written communication across the curriculum.


As a subject leader I enjoy finding out what motivates and encourages my staff to work efficiently and productively as I have found that this intensifies each teacher’s sense of purpose and in turn, their impact in the classroom.


Throughout my career I have supported and coached colleagues from English and other departments whose lesson observations have required improvement, facilitated a number of colleagues’ return to teaching after extended career breaks and acted as a Professional Mentor for Teaching Direct and PGCE students.


I have recently led my department through an Ofsted inspection where we contributed to the overall “Outstanding “ judgement. I now feel equipped and committed to give support, facilitate change and maximise progress for students and teachers in other institutions.

  • Hayley Tanner