Alan Reid - Science

I have been teaching for over twenty years in schools in Bedfordshire and        Hertfordshire. I was a late entrant to the profession as I had previously pursued a successful career as a research scientist. I have taught science almost exclusively; all subjects to GCSE and biology to A Level.


Previously, I worked in Icknield High School in Luton for ten years and was Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for learning and assessment for the last five years of that time. During this period I was involved in leading a number development and research projects including the KS3 Strategy, Leading in Learning and a number of in-school projects.


I was deputy Headteacher of Sir Frederic Osborn School in Welwyn Garden City for four years, the last three years as sole deputy. I therefore have a highly developed understanding of all aspects of running a modern secondary school.


I am now in my fourth year as a lead practitioner at the Priory School, Hitchin. I have been involved in the successful delivery of CPD in school and as part of the NHTA. The most successful and rewarding part of my recent work has been in the coaching or mentoring of staff who need a boost in performance or are ambitious and looking to enhance their practice.


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