Women Leading in Education

In March 2016 NCTL launched a coaching pledge to support women leading in education.

Frances Manning, Headteacher, Hitchin Girls' School is a registered coach:

"I have been coaching in education for nearly three years and have completed the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring.  I have worked with a range of colleagues - new Headteacher's coming into post, Head's moving their schools to good or outstanding, and also with senior leaders at all levels.   
Coaching has enabled me to develop and shape the skills in my own leadership team as well as providing support for new Head's and those working to deal with challenges in their own schools.  I use coaching extensively in my NLE work with schools across all sectors.   
I like to use a solution focussed model, supporting clients to work through their own solutions to the issues that they face.   
As a leader I like to work as a collaborative team, with a consultative approach to agree the standards and protocols by which we will work.  Within this structure staff then have autonomy within their specialist areas to achieve our agreed outcomes and objectives.     
The outcomes that can be achieved from coaching are what drive me to be a coach.  I have always had my own coach/mentor in my career and have reaped the benefits at every stage of my career.  Seeing the distance moved and transformation in people following even a short period of coaching is amazing.  Everyone should have a coach!"    

If you think you would benefit from leadership coaching you can register for free leadership coaching here.