Teacher Led Development Work Programme

Supporting practice development in schools

This transformational programme supports all educators, no matter what their role or job title ,to improve the quality of teaching and learning by designing and leadingdevelopment projects in their settings.

Successful participation over one academic year leads to the award of the Certificate in Teacher Leadership. The programme is led by tutors, who are typically experienced teachers with responsibility for areas such as teaching and learning or CPD in their settings. Tutors facilitate a series of school-based workshops and access to network events with the purpose of enabling participants to design and lead development work. Support for tutors is provided through an induction conference, resources, visits, tutor conferences throughout the year and membership of the TLDW tutor team and HertsCam Network. A school or a group of schools can create a TLDW group with one or more tutors supporting participants from one or more schools. If you want to enable colleagues within your school to become more effective change agents then this programme is for you.

The TLDW Programme is part of the HertsCam Network, dedicated to building professional knowledge through dissemination, critical discussion and collaboration. This has an international dimension through sister networks in more than 15 countries.


For further enquiries please contact:

Sheila Ball, TLDW Programme Leader

Sarah Lightfoot, Deputy Programme Leader

Jasleen Dhillon, Administrator

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  • "I am absolutely delighted with the TLDW programme. I have attended one session and a networking event, and after each one I felt energised and enthused to develop my own practice, and make a positive contribution to my school. It is a lot of work, but like most things that are challenging, it feels worth it, and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to be involved. I would recommend the TLDW to any and every teacher"

    Jennifer Meechan, MFL, Hitchin Girls' School

  • What do headteachers say about it?

    "TLDW has undoubtedly been the most significant programme that we have been involved with. To see a group of staff with a vast range of experience (including non-teaching staff) take ownership of issues they feel passionate about and develop them in dialogue with other colleagues, has been tremendous."

    "TLDW has brought an even greater sense of common purpose and teamwork, and extended the ownership of the school’s agenda."

    "Teachers and support staff have a natural desire to make a difference and the association with HertsCam has enabled us to develop strategies to support this. This is where it has been most powerful."

    "We now have a school where dialogue about teaching and learning is the norm and teachers see it as part of their professional role to lead changes in practice that lead to improved student outcomes."

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