Phoebe Ekong - Social Sciences

During my time at Hitchin Boys’ School, I have taken on a variety of roles and taught various subjects. When I work with others I also try to assess what I could give in terms of support to them, whilst also reflecting on what I could learn and take away from every situation.

Subjects taught:

Religious Studies (Key Stage 3 and 4); Philosophy (A Level – Year 12 and 13); Sociology (A Level – Year 12 and 13); Geography (KS3)

Roles taken:

Acting Head of Year 12 – focus; PP and SEN students’ progress at A Level; Head of Year 7 – Transition ; Head of Year 8 – Students’ Self Development

Main specialisms:

GCSE Religious Studies

A Level Sociology – I set up Sociology at Hitchin Boys’ School and now lead the Year 12 and 13 course

A Level Philosophy – I am a Philosophy specialist with a degree in ‘Ethics, Philosophy and Religion’ and a Post Graduate in Education specialising in Philosophy

Pastoral work – Head of Year

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