Wednesday, 25th April 2018
2.00pm - 4.00pm
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“Good teaching doesn’t lead to good learning; it’s good learning that leads to good teaching”

Mike’s work and infectious enthusiasm for teaching and learning starts with one basic premise – that every child is intrinsically motivated to learn, grow and achieve. The teacher’s job, then, is to cultivate the right conditions where that desire to succeed can become a reality.

With an endorsement for his approaches from University College London, Mike shows that it is the emotional engagement of all involved that is right at the heart of sustainable improvements in achievement. And by achievement he doesn’t just mean test results. Whether it is schools in challenging circumstances or those that think they are doing fine but are unaware of the challenges they actually have, Mike takes all staff on a journey that makes the child the ‘hero of their own learning’ and, in doing so, turns the concept of leadership into a creative and collaborative process, out ‘from under the shadow of the school leaders’.


Hitchin Girls' School

Highbury Road, Hitchin, , Herts, SG4 9RS

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