Mastery Maths

The Maths Department of the Nobel School and the Matrix Maths Hub invited Heads of Mathematics, Deputy Heads of Maths Departments responsible for KS3 and all teachers who are interested in developing Mastery Maths approach in their schools to a Teacher Research Group.

A full year 7 lesson was observed and discussed in the format of a Teacher Research Group as used in Shanghai. It provided colleagues with the opportunity to engage in high-quality, collaborative professional development in teaching mastery in mathematics. The session was led by Irina Tolchenova, who is the Maths Lead and Lead Practitioner at The Nobel School. Having visited Shanghai as part of the England: China Maths Teacher Exchange programme last year, Irina then trained as a Secondary Mastery Specialist Teacher.

This was followed by a session led by Nick Brown, Director of the Mathematics department and Mastery Lead at The Nobel School, in which the key elements of the mastery approach and establishing the mastery principles in his own school were introduced. Finally, Irina Tolchenova, Kirsten Pettinger, the Teaching for Mastery Lead at Matrix Maths hub and David Chadwick, Head of Matrix Maths Hub, discussed next year’s opportunities to take on and develop the mastery approach in one’s school and engage in the work of the mastery maths teacher research group lead by The Nobel School and supported by The Matrix Maths Hub.

Many colleagues were inspired by the mastery approach in teaching mathematics and found the session very useful.

Posted by admin in category news on Friday, 30th June 2017

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